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Acupuncture is a method of treatment in Alchemical Chinese Medicine. Acupuncture involves the observation and subsequent treatment of Life Force Energy in the body. The treatment uses tiny needles that are inserted into Acupuncture points on the body, with the intent to affect change in patterns of injury or disease. Needles are small and relatively low in sensation. Occasionally you will feel a slight pinch or a sensation of energetic flow, but for the most part, Acupuncture is safe, easy, and relatively painless. The effect is deeply relaxing.


Moxibustion, or MOXA as it is more commonly referred to, is a therapy used in Alchemical Chinese Medicine that utilizes the burning of dried mugwort, (an herb). on the Acupuncture points of the body. MOXA warms the area of Acupuncture in order to stimulate the circulation of blood, lymph, and interstitial fluids.  The increase in circulation assists in the deep healing of tissue, by way of increased distribution of the nutrients, carried in these fluids, to the areas in the body that are in need. The application of MOXA is warm and soothing and is a very comfortable treatment.


Cupping is a tool used in Alchemical Chinese Medicine, that targets the relief of pain and deep aching in the muscle system and around layers of built-up connective tissue. Pain and aching in these systems are often a result of stagnation in the flow of blood and lymph, and can also be attributed to scarring from the build up of connective tissue.
Cupping, by way of suction, brings the stagnation to the surface where it can be released.  The gentle action of moving the cups over the site of pain or injury breaks up scar tissue, which enables a re-establishment of circulation to the area being treated.
Cupping is generally soothing and feels like a deep massage. In areas of DEEP injury, Cupping can be uncomfortable during the treatment process.  
After treatment, there can be redness, and even bruising at the site, but this is resolved over a short period of time.
The payoff is in the relief that it brings from age-old chronic pain.


The Infared Body Wrap is used in this practice for reducing the build up of toxins in the body. The build up of toxins, puts unnecessary stress on the systems of the body, causing the organs to work harder to maintain health.
Elimination of these toxins helps the organs work more efficiently, and has the side benefit of relieving pain.
In the session you will be wrapped in the infared blanket for a period of time, usually between 30-50 minutes, at a level of light that is determined to fit your needs.  Lower and Slower is the way to start.
You will be warm at first, for a number of minutes. As your core temperature rises, you will feel hot.   After the body has reached the elevation of temperature that will produce sweating, you will remain in the blanket wrap for a number of minutes in this state to relieve the toxins through the skin.
The blanket is comfortable and you will be laying down and given water throughout your treatment.  The time spent while you are producing sweat, can be a little uncomfortable, but the results are remarkable.


I am also available for counseling in the format of Zoom sessions online. Because much of what Mari Ane has to offer is in the form of teaching the concepts and benefits of Five Element and Alchemical Healing Theory, sessions online may be very helpful for you to achieve better quality of living. Mari Ane is uniquely qualified in addressing your individual lifestyle and recognizing simple changes that can have profound influence on your life.

Death and Dying

I have an extensive background in hospice and the process of death and dying. Online Counselling will soon be available for terminal patients, as well as friends and family of those that are in the process of death and dying.  If you are interested please leave a message so that I can respond to your questions and concerns and to let you know when this offering will be online.


I am currently working on curriculum that will be offered to both practitioners and Lay people online. These classes will be offered for the purpose of furthering education of the importance of living within the laws of nature

The understanding of Alchemy in Health and Wellness and how to take the life you are living today, and enhance your experience of it.


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