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What to expect

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2-Hour intake
Your first appointment will begin with an intake that will review the purpose of your visit and your health history, From there we will construct an individualized treatment plan. The intake will be followed by an initial ACUPUNCTURE treatment. This appointment will exceed the usual time of a regular visit. It will be necessary to book a 90 minute appointment time.
Individual approach.
Subsequent sessions start with a conversation that will review the most recent events since your last treatment, followed by your session of acupuncture. During the session, other modalities of treatment will be used to enhance your continued healing (i.e. moxibustion, cupping, cold laser or infrared therapy.)
Sharing Information
In your session, I am willing to explain as much or as little information with you about your treatment and treatment plan. I am committed to engaging with you so that you have full comprehension of your healing process.
Lasting Changes
Keeping in mind the concepts of Alchemy in healing, our goal of working together is to help you to recover and go on to improve your condition of health. Often there will be homework that is useful to retain the effects of the most recent treatment. This is usually some form of dietary or movement regemine that may enhance your experience of ease in your everyday life. These suggestions are not mandatory, but can be very helpful to affect change.

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